Prerequisites: Algebraic General Topology. Let f is a multifuncoid on an indexed family of multifuncoids \mathsf{FCD}(\mathfrak{A}_i) of forms \mathfrak{A}_{i\in n}. Let's denote \mathsf{dFCD}(\mathfrak{A}_i) the sets of discrete multfuncoids of these forms. The displacement of f is the funcoid

\Lambda \left( \left[ f \right] \cap \prod_{\lambda i \in \operatorname{dom} f} \mathrm{d} \mathsf{\operatorname{FCD}} \left( \operatorname{Src} f_i ; \operatorname{Src} g_i \right) \right) .

TODO: Prove that it is correctly defined.

We will define displaced product of a family f of funcoids by the formula: \prod^{\left( \operatorname{DP} \right)} f = \operatorname{DP} \left( \prod^{\left( C \right)} f \right).

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